Living Healthy

What does it mean to  live healthy? Some say it’s building the body, doing lots of exercise and generally taking care of the physical nature. Some may say it’s about the mental aspect, dealing with psychological challenges, emotions  and building the intellect. Another is Spiritual development. But there is another component to healthy living. Vibration & Energy.  To live a  healthy life is to bring the body , mind and spirit into vibratory harmony.  All dis-ease is caused  by  some type of disruption  of the  harmony of the energy and or vibration amongst and within these aspects of being. 

Health Care

When we speak of healthcare , we often think of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, physician, drugs and insurance. The most common term used in contemporary medicine is “treatment”. 

But maybe we should call it the ‘wealth-care system’. Because  it is entrenched  with corporate monstrosities  bent on creating wealth at the expense of our health. The system ‘treats’ us like assets. We are the assets traded between the hospitals and clinics, insurance corporations and physician groups with all their ‘plans’. We are made dependents on that system by the pharmaceutical corporations and ‘lobyticians’. We are convinced  by the malevolent that we are the beneficiaries, but how do we benefit from being treated like assets? 

If health is wealth, we must ask, how much are we truly invested in our own health. We can tell by the type of returns we get.


Learn About Healthy Foods And Their Benefits

Some say we are what we eat and to a great degree that it true. What we put into our bodies becomes part of our bodies. We put out what we put in and so we should be conscientious  of what we eat.

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Learn About Natural Therapeutic Practices 

There are many ways to tune a vehicle and our bodies being our vehicles there are various ways to keep them in tuned. Not all vehicles are the same, but  they all need regular maintenance to function efficiently.        

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 Metaphysical, Esoteric Practices & Teachings

There is but one lesson to learn in life and that is how to know thyself. Every moment of life is part of the journey toward true self. If we do not know self, we have journeyed far from our own truth. 

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One of the greatest challenges to self-attunement is to first realize what is out of tune. The process itself requires one to ‘keep it real’  with ones self so to speak. We should be like  surgeons operating with precision into the unseen parts of our being. Like  freestyle mountain climbers ascending the mountain, we cannot be consumed by  fear or threat of falling, but determined and confident we shall find our footing and reach the heights. This journey begins when we begin to peer within, without the constrains of ego persona.